Why Green Health Creative?

The worlds of recreational and medical marijuana, hemp, CBD and other natural-health resources are booming like never before. If you’re starting or growing a plant-based business, Green Health Creative is ready to provide the content you need. Whether it’s a website, newsletter, advertising, marketing copy, research or anything else, we’ll help you reach your customers and boost your brand.

Green Health Creative was founded by journalists and marketing writers who enjoy producing high-quality, accurate, persuasive copy and product information. The fast-changing fields of cannabis and wellness have made many customers confused and mistrustful of product claims, but the right content can help you demonstrate that your business is reliable and here to stay. With more than 40 years’ combined experience researching and writing about natural health for top companies and major publications, we’re ready to provide it for you.

Who We Help

  • Print & Web Publishers
  • Growers
  • Cannabis & CBD Product Manufacturers
  • Dispensaries
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Beauty & Skin Care Companies
  • Food Retailers & Restaurants
  • Third-Party Distributors
  • B2B Platforms
  • Industry Associations

Our Values

Green Health Creative LLC specializes in best-in-class content that helps brands grow businesses and become trusted resources for their customers.
Our core values include the following:


Our content is created by experienced journalists and experts using time-honored news-gathering, research and storytelling techniques that ensure accuracy, timeliness and relevancy.


In today’s rapidly evolving “green” marketplace, evidence-based content is a requirement, not a luxury. Our writers rely on peer-reviewed research to create the most accurate and effective content.


Behind every piece of content we create is a subject-matter expert who provides valuable insights, thought leadership and rigorous vetting for accuracy and appropriateness.


The end user is king. That’s why we strive to explain complex concepts in plain English and create content that is easy to read and share.

“Your target audience is looking for expertise—not just products. To keep them coming back, give them a steady diet of compelling and educational content.”

Green Entrepreneur magazine

What We Do

Content & Copywriting

Engaging articles, blog posts, brochures, marketing copy and web ads that convert browsers to buyers.

Social Media 

Boost brand exposure and influence with social-media posts and product placements that increase followers and convert them to customers.


Informative, brand-centric messages sent directly to your customers’ inboxes.

Public Relations

Strategic press releases and media outreach that put your message front and center in online and print outlets.

Content Marketing

We’ll help you develop an effective content and SEO strategy to attract qualified leads to your website. 

Thought Leadership 

Position your brand as a leader in the cannabis and CBD industry via company publications, executive profiles, ghostwritten columns and speechwriting.

Types of Content


  • Blog posts
  • Bylined feature articles
  • Company profiles
  • Case studies
  • Customer success stories
  • Breaking news & analysis
  • Legislative watch
  • Expert Q&As


  • Consumer guides
  • White papers & ebooks
  • Special reports
  • Microsites


  • Newsletters
  • Editorial calendars
  • Editorial roadmaps
  • Content audits
  • SEO
  • Videos & interactive content
  • Press releases


  • Product descriptions (e-commerce)
  • Product profiles
  • New product launch content
  • Product packaging


  • Long-form advertising copy
  • Web ads
  • Banner ads

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